CAMS New York Hep B Free Clinician Honor Roll

The following CAMS Physicians have pledged to be a Hepatitis B Clinician Hero by screening patients at risk for chronic viral hepatitis B infection in accordance with the national guidelines published by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, including all patients from areas of the globe with intermediate to high prevalence rates, especially Asian and the Pacific Islands:

Alan Chu, D.O.

Alan C. Yao, M.D.

Alexander Chan, M.D.

Amy Su, M.D.

Andy Ng, M.D.

Anming Luo, M.D.

Anna Law, M.D.

Anthony Foong, M.D.

Bin Wang, M.D.

Bing Lu, M.D.

Blanche Leung, M.D.

Bo Chen, M.D.

Bruce Chung, M.D.

Calvin Q. Pan, M.D., FACP, FACG

Charles Chan, M.D.

Chia-lei Lin, M.D.

Chien Chuang, M.D.

Ching-Yin Lam, M.D.

Chixin Fang, M.D.

Chuansheng Wang, M.D.

Chun K. Yip, M.D.

Chun-Kit Chan, D.O.

Connie Lam, D.O.

Cynthia Tam, D.O.

Dalai Zhou, M.D.

Danny Chu, M.D.

David Kim, M.D.

David Yoo, M.D.

Dening Zhu, M.D.

Donald Tsynman, M.D.

Dong Hong Schong, M.D.

Edward E. Lee, M.D.

Faith Zhao, M.D.

George Juang, M.D.

George Liu, M.D.

Hai-Po Wang, M.D.

Haiou Duan, M.D.

Helen Chen, D.O.

Henry Chen, M.D.

Henry Ting, M.D.

Henry D. Wu, M.D.

Hong Ye, D.O.

Hongwei Zhang, M.D.

Hua Huang, M.D., Ph.D.

Hung Sam Lee, D.O.

Jackson Kuan, M.D.

Jade Yun Hon, M.D.

Janelle Luk, M.D.

Jason Chen, M.D.

Jean Zheng, M.D.

Jia Hong, M.D.

Jianjun Li, M.D.

Jimmy Wong, M.D.

Jin Song, M.D.

Jingbo Zhao, M.D.

Ji-Qing Wei, M.D.

Jonathan Chang, M.D.

Joseph Poon, M.D.

Josephine Lam, M.D.

Ka Li, M.D.

Karen Kwei, M.D.

Kevin Jing Tao Guo, M.D.

Khin Aung, M.D.

King-Chen Hon M.D.

Lan Mo, M.D.

Le Ding, M.D.

Li Li Ren, M.D.

Lim Tse, M.D.

Liming Yang, M.D.

Lina Nie, B.M., Ph.D.

Linda Tang, M.D.

Lisa Ling, M.D.

Liwen Huang, M.D.

Liwen Zhu, D.O. 

Liye Li, M.D.

Lu Cai, M.D.

Lucille Pak, M.D.

Lucot Cherenfont, M.D.

Lynne Wu, M.D., M.P.P.

Manuel Sy, M.D.

Mei Yu Liang, D.N.P., F.N.P.

Michael Lee, M.D.

Michael Li, M.D.

Min Cai, M.D.

Nan-Tsun Lai, M.D.

Neha Maria Egbert, M.D.

Norman Nai-Chiu Lee, M.D.

On Hin Lau, M.D.

Parnian Zandieh, M.D.

Perry Pong, M.D.

Po Cheng Chu, M.D.

Punyadech Photangtham, M.D.

Qing Yeh, M.D.

Raymond Chan, M.D.

Raymond Diaz, M.D.

Rosie Lyo, M.D.

Rui Er Teng, M.D.

San San Wynn, M.D.

San Shih, M.D.

Sandy Bui, D.O.

Sang Kan, M.D.

Sein See, M.D.

Shelly Shi, M.D.

Sing Chan, M.D.

Sing Wu Law, M.D.

Singmay Su, M.D.

Stanley Ng, M.D.

Su Wang, M.D., M.P.H.

Summer Zhang, M.D.

Sun-Co Lin, M.D.

Susanna Teng, M.D.

Sydney Chen, M.D.

Tak Chan, M.D.

Tao Wu, M.D.

Terence Hsuih, M.D.

Teresa Chan, M.D.

Thae Mar, M.D.

Timothy Wong, M.D.

Tina Kuo, M.D.

Tong Jing, M.D., Ph.D.

Tun Lin, M.D.

Tuyen T.Trinh, D.O.

Vi Quach, M.D.

Victor Chang, M.D.

Victor Mok, M.D.

Vincent Chua, M.D.

Vincent Wang, D.O.

Vinh P. Pham, M.D.

Vivian Huang, M.D.

Vivian Tsai, M.D.

Warren Chin, M.D.

Wei Li, M.D., Ph.D.

Wei Wang, M.D.

Wei Ye, D.O.

Wei-Hsiu Lo, M.D.

Weiyi Gao, M.D.

Winston C. Tom, M.D.

Wing Sze Leung, M.D.

Wong Lap Koon, M.D.

Wu Tan, M.D.

Xiaoxi Hu, M.D.

Xiaoxia Zhang, M.D.

Xiao Qing Yin, D.O.

Xiao Yuan Zhao, M.D.

Xin Pang, M.D.

Xiyun Shao, M.D.

Xuebin Yin, M.D.

Xuezhu Tong, M.D.

Xuxia Wu, M.D.

Yat Ting Moy, M.D.

Yi Ding Li, M.D.

Yick Moon Lee, M.D.

Yiling Huang, M.D.

Yin Sun, M.D.

Yiqun Hui, M.D.

Yoke Hlen Wong, M.D.

Yong Luo, M.D., Ph.D.

Yong Max Yu, M.D.

Yong Sheng Lin, M.D.

York Sing Chan, D.O.

Zhi Guang Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

Zhiyou Zhang, M.D.

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