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Mark your calendars for the 3rd Annual North American Chinatown Smoke Free Day.

Reducing the high prevalence of smoking among Chinese immigrant men is a top health concern in Chinese communities across the US and Canada. The quit rate for Asian American males if far lower than all other ethnic groups.

The goal of this one-day event is to raise awareness and mobilize local communities to take action. Working together we hope to help reduce smoking in Chinese communities in North America and eliminate this disparity.

On September 27, 2016, at the CAMS Research Committee's 3rd Research Seminar, Dr. Wenhui Li, Director of Statistical Analysis and Reporting, Vital Statistics/Viral Records New York City presented a talk entitled "Chinese American Population and Mortality in New York City." The data analysis was based on a question posed to Dr. Wenhui Li by Dr. Vivian Huang. Members in attendance including Chief Medical Officer of Charles B. Wang Community Health Center Dr. Perry Pong, CAIPA Vice President Dr. Sun-Hoo Foo, and CAMS President Dr. Paul C. Lee, felt it was very important to disseminate this information to the Chinese American community in NYC. On 6/29/2017 CAMS Administration had the privilege to be invited to Charles B. Wang Community Health Center for a Round Table Discussion with City Health Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett to discuss the data analyzed by Dr. Wenhui Li on mortality in Chinese American in NYC with cancer and not heart disease as the leading cause of death among Chinese New Yorkers. This is the first time that the New York City (NYC) Health Department has analyzed and published data on the leading causes of death for Chinese in New York City. Based on the Epi Data Brief written by Dr. Wenhui Li and his team, NYC Health Department announced more anti-smoking messages will be available in Chinese to address the increasing rate of lung cancer deaths. You can read/download the Epi Data Brief here:

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